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Yoga Retreats in Japan: The Best English-Friendly Options

Yoga retreats in Japan are a great way to explore nature and connect with a group of people as you travel.

Fortunately, English-friendly yoga retreats are becoming more popular so it is easier than ever to incorporate a retreat as part of your trip to Japan.

In this guide, I will share the best English-friendly yoga retreats in Japan.

What are the best English-friendly yoga retreats in Japan?

Santhosha‘s 3BT Himalayan Practice Program

Black yoga mats line on the floor of a brightly lit yoga studio in Japan

The 3BT yoga studio in Tokyo

Location: Tokyo

Dates: Year round

Price: ¥18,000 – ¥75,000 depending on the duration

Santhosha’s 3BT (3 Body Transformation) program is one of the most customizable, intensive yoga programs in Japan. While it’s not a traditional “retreat”, you can experience similar benefits through the program: twice-a-day yoga classes, seeing the same people, and a set schedule.

You can customize the program to fit your schedule – join just for the weekends, for 1 or 2 weeks, for 1 month, or for the full 3 months. The program consists of two classes per day (one AM and one PM) and has classes focused on improving flexibility all the way to practicing advanced asanas.

You need to book accommodations and other travel expenses separately from this program as it is not a formal retreat.

The 3BT program is a great way to incorporate a lot of yoga into your time in Tokyo while also leaving the days free to explore the city.

Locations: Ishigaki (Okinawa) & Nozawa Onsen

Dates: March 31 – April 6, 2023 (Ishigaki) & April 21 – 24, 2023 (Nozawa Onsen)

Price: ¥116,000 – ¥210,000 per person depending on duration and room style (Ishikagi) & email to inquire about rates (Nozawa Onsen)

In addition to the regular class schedule at the Shizen Collective studio in Nozawa Onsen, Spiritual Pretzel hosts several yoga retreats throughout the year.

In Ishigaki, you can choose whether to stay for 3 or 6 days at the retreat. Ishigaki is a beautiful Japanese island near Taiwan, so you will enjoy ocean views and a tropical atmosphere while practicing yoga.

In Nozawa Onsen, experience the popular ski town in the warmer months to appreciate the lush landscape. You’ll be able to try a few of the local restaurants as part of the retreat as well.

Spiritual Pretzel is led by an Australian woman who now calls Nozawa Onsen home. Her regular yoga classes in Nozawa Onsen are also lovely to add to your trip when you visit the town.

Locations: Nozawa Onsen

Dates: May 19 – 26, 2023 & October 13 – 20, 2023

Price: ¥47,900 – ¥114,900 per person depending on duration and room style

You can choose from staying 3, 5, or 7 nights for this retreat in Nozawa Onsen. As you can tell, this mountain town in the Nagano region of Japan is a popular wellness destination and for good reason: it’s famous for its onsens (natural spring water, communal bathhouses), charming restaurants and cafes, and surrounding nature.

Locations: Ishigaki (Okinawa)

Dates: April 15-21, 2023

Price: £700 – £1200 per person depending on room style (Ishikagi)

This retreat is run by an Okinawa-native yoga teacher now based in London. You’ll enjoy the tranquil beauty of Ishigaki, a tropical island in the southwest of Japan near Taiwan.

You’ll have twice daily yoga classes along with plenty of opportunities to explore the island through activities like snorkeling and hiking.

Nozawa Onsen forest

Forest bathing in Nozawa Onsen

Locations: Nozawa Onsen

Dates: TBD, classes year round

Price: TBD

The 2023 retreat schedule isn’t confirmed yet, but Nozawa Yoga Wellness offers year round yoga classes and forest bathing walks. The teacher is a bilingual Japanese woman born and raised in Nozawa Onsen who can show you the true ins and outs of the town and surrounding mountains.


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