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The Best Japanese Skincare Products That You Need To Try (Luxury And Affordable)

Japanese skincare products are famous around the world for their high quality and advanced underlying technology. Many of the most respected brands in the beauty industry are from Japan and are fortunately accessible globally.

If you walk around Tokyo and observe people passing by, you’ll notice that many of them have incredibly youthful and healthy looking skin. Many lifestyle factors play into Japanese people generally looking quite young (diet, activity levels, avoiding suntans, genetics), but the collective popularity and usage of quality skincare products plays a significant role.

Personally, I’m a huge beauty products junkie and love my tried and true Japanese skincare favorites.

In this guide, I’ll share some of my favorite Japanese skincare products on the market.

What are the best Japanese skincare products?


Shiseido is an iconic, luxury beauty brand from Japan that is known for its high quality products. Shiseido is one of the most famous and trusted Japanese skincare and beauty brands, so is a must-try for anybody looking to explore Japanese skincare products.

Personally, I really love Shiseido’s moisturizers and sun screens. I find them to be great for sensitive skin and to sit well under makeup. The Total Regenerating Cream is a rich, thick night cream that I find particularly great for dry winters.

Clé de Peau is the epitome of luxury Japanese beauty brands. The name is French for “Key of Skin”, but rest assured that this brand is 100% Japanese. Clé de Peau is the ultra-premium line from Shiseido and is a celebrity and influencer favorite around the world.

The FIRMING SERUM SUPREME is one of my favorite products from the brand because of its sculpting and tightening properties. The serum applies smoothly and I’ve noticed it really helps my skin’s elasticity.

In addition to the brand’s signature skincare products, Clé de Peau offers a high-end selection of beautiful makeup products.

ReFa is a popular Japanese facial tool brand that is particularly known for its facial rollers. Their facial rollers emit microcurrents as you massage your face to help stimulate blood flow and facial relaxation.

Microcurrent facials are increasingly popular in Japan and are visited on a regular basis by many Japanese women. I recently got my first microcurrent facial at a salon in Tokyo and noticed a real, albeit temporary, lift to my face. The ReFa tools are a great way to give yourself a daily home-version of the treatment.

The CARAT RAY FACE tool in particular is the perfect size to target the contours of your face. The two rolling balls fit well around my cheekbones and jawline and help lift my face during the treatment.

Shu Uemura is an iconic Japanese brand that specializes in haircare but also has a cosmetics line.

This rich hair mask from Shu Uemura is one of my favorites and helps replenish moisture to damaged hair. Many Japanese men and women dye or perm their hair, so using masks and moisture-restoring products like this one from Shu Uemura is a key part of their daily beauty routine.


Melano CC is a popular, affordable skincare brand in Japan that is known for infusing vitamin C in its products. The brand carries a range of different items from sunscreens to lotions to serums, but their standout bestseller is the Dark Spot Protector serum.

This Vitamin C serum is one of the best-selling skincare products ever in Japan and is a personal favorite that I use every morning. The serum is lightweight, applies well under makeup, and is proven to help reduce dark spots on the face.

For best results, apply the serum directly to clean skin and let it sit for two minutes before applying your normal moisturizer over it. I find that the serum gives my moisturizers and even smoother and more comfortable application.

Of all the product categories on this list, Japanese brands are arguably the most known for creating incredibly effective sunscreens. The Skin Aqua sunscreens are known for their gel consistency that offers a smooth base for makeup. The SPF 50+ offers strong protection against the sun, which helps with anti-aging.

I wear this sunscreen on tropical vacations or days where I know I will be in intense sunlight.

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This SPF 50+ sunscreen from Bioré has a thin, watery consistency that dries down to a natural skin-like finish. It doesn’t leave a white caste and works well under most makeup products.

Bioré sunscreens are some of the most popular in Japan and can be found in drugstores throughout the country. I particularly like Bioré sunscreens for my body because they don’t leave any sticky residue.

Curél’s cleansing oil is in my opinion the brand’s standout product. It offers a gentle way to remove makeup without stripping the skin of moisture. As you rub it in, the oil takes on a milky consistency. I suggest double-cleansing with a gel or water-based cleanser after washing off this oil cleanser for the maximum makeup-removing effect.

Botanist is a trendy, vegan, and ingredient-conscious haircare brand that you can find in many department stores in Japan. The natural or organic beauty trend hasn’t fully picked up in Japan yet, so it’s somewhat unusual to find a brand that makes an effort to exclude ingredients like sulfates or parabens. The Botanist shampoos and conditioners are particularly popular and I often see them on the “best-sellers” shelves at Japanese cosmetics and department stores.

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