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Day Trip To Zushi, Japan: Amazing Windsurfing, Beautiful Coastal Views, Best Beaches

A day trip to Zushi, Japan is ideal for a sun and beach lover. Zushi offers incredible windsurfing, a European-inspired riviera, and relaxed pace of life.

You can either visit Zushi on its own or combine it with a trip to neighboring Kamakura for an overnight visit or even a very full day trip.

I recommend visiting Zushi between March-June and September-November to enjoy the most of the sunny days without as much intense heat. I recently visited Zushi for a springtime day trip and the weather was lovely.

In this guide, I’ll share my recommendations for the best day trip to Zushi.

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What is the best Zushi itinerary?

How To Get To Zushi

From Tokyo, take the Shinjuku-Shonan line south for about an hour south to reach Zushi Station. A one-way ticket will cost around ¥940.

Depending on where you go in Zushi, you can walk or take the bus. All of the major destinations are within a 30-40 minute walk from Zushi Station.

To visit Osaki Park, either walk for around 35 minutes or take Bus 40 and get there in roughly 25 minutes.

The best way to reach Hiroyama Park from Zushi Station is to walk around 20 minutes (up a steep hill!).

To visit Zushi Beach, just walk about 10 minutes from Zushi Station. Many people only visit Zushi Beach during their day trip to Zushi as it’s the easiest destination to access.

If you visit Kamakura first, from Kamakura Station either take the Shinjuku-Shonan line to Zushi Station or take Bus 40 to near Osaki Park and Hiroyama Park.

Renting a car is another option to get to and explore Zushi. A car will give you the most flexibility and make it very easy to visit Osaki Park and Hiroyama Park (both have parking lots).

Where To Stay In Zushi

Although it’s easy to visit Zushi as a day trip from Tokyo, if you’d like to have an overnight getaway, I suggest these hotels:

Kamakura has many more hotel and restaurant options since the city is considerably larger than Zushi, but I suggest staying in Zushi if you would like a quieter getaway.

What To Do In Zushi

Kotsubo Coast

Boats on the Kotsubo Coast in Zushi, Japan

Boats along Kotsubo Coast

A palm tree lined streets in the Riviera Zushi Marina area

A palm tree-lined street in the Riviera Zushi Marina area

The Kotsubo Coast in Zushi has a vaguely European air to it, with palm-tree lined roads, fishing boats, and turquoise waters. The area is ideal for a leisurely stroll along the Riviera Zushi Marina or renting bicycles. You’ll see many condos and wedding venues along the Riviera Zushi Marina.

Along the coast, fishermen hang kelp in long rows to dry in the sun. I really enjoyed walking along the Kotsubo Coast for a quiet afternoon. The community has a very tight-knit and local feel and it was lovely to see neighborhood children playing on the streets together.

Osaki Park

View of Zushi from Osaki Park

View of Riviera Zushi Marina from Osaki Park

Osaki Park is a serene, hillside park in Zushi that overlooks the Kotsubo Coast and Riviera Zushi Marina. On clear days, you can see a magnificent view of Mount Fuji from the park.

The best way to access the park is from the north side. Osaki Park has a few main trails along the peak of the park’s hill and some minor trails leading down to the water. Bring hiking attire if you plan to venture off of the main pathways.

The park has picnic benches and seating, so I recommend bringing snacks to enjoy during your visit.

Hiroyama Park

View from Hiroyama Park

Views from Hiroyama Park

Hiroyama Park is a gorgeous park on a bluff overlooking Sagami Bay and Zushi Beach. At the top of the park, climb the Hiroyama Park Observation deck for expansive views of Zushi and the ocean.

The main area of the park has a rest station with basic food items, a restroom, and a small animal viewing area. Many different encaged birds, turtles, and monkeys are viewable at Hiroyama Park.

While there are a few vending machines and a small store, food selection is limited so I recommend packing a picnic if you’d like to eat at the park.

Zushi Beach

Wind surfers at Zushi Beach

Zushi Beach draws many wind surfers and paddle boarders.

Zushi Beach is one of the most popular locations in Japan for wind surfing and paddle boarding. There are many gear rental stores available near the beach if you’d like to join the water sports for a day.

For sun worshippers, enjoy laying out on the wide, sandy beach. Zushi Beach is generally less crowded than the better known Kamakura Beach, so head here for a more relaxed day.

I recommend bringing any food and beverages you’d like to have on the beach with you since there aren’t many shops nearby. One my recent day trip to Zushi, I saw lots of people buying take-out snacks and drinks from restaurants and vending machines near Zushi Station.

What To Eat In Zushi

A coffee mug with stripes on an outdoor table in Zushi

Umibe Cafe

Most of the restaurants in Zushi are clustered near Zushi Station or along the road to Zushi Beach. If you plan to eat at Osaki Park or Hiroyama Park, I recommend packing a picnic.

Here are some options of where to eat in Zushi:

  1. Umibe Cafe (coffee, Japanese curry)

  2. surfers (cafe, burgers)

  3. CREMAHOP (ice cream)

  4. Seaside Italian Cantina (Italian)

  5. Beach Muffin (vegan cafe)

  6. Craftsman’s Burger (burgers)

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