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Best Of Ebisu | Tokyo Neighborhood Guide

Ebisu is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Tokyo and it’s no surprise why. Just one train stop south of Shibuya, Ebisu has some of the best restaurants and activities in the city.

This laid back Tokyo neighborhood is best known for its cozy cafes and restaurants, residential streets, convenience to surrounding areas, and stylish bars. Contrasted with neighboring Shibuya or nearby Harajuku and Roppongi, Ebisu tends to draw an older crowd of Japanese and expats. Ebisu is known as an upscale and aspirational Tokyo neighborhood, so popular Japanese dramas often prominently feature Ebisu as the trendy backdrop of the characters’ lives (Amazon Prime Video’s Tokyo Girl is a great example).

Ebisu is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Tokyo to both live and visit and I love continuing to explore its hidden gems. In this guide, I’ll share my neighborhood guide to Ebisu, Tokyo.

What are the highlights of Ebisu, Tokyo?

Best Hotels In Ebisu

The Westin Tokyo

Breakfast At The Westin Tokyo

Breakfast at The Westin Tokyo’s executive lounge

The Westin Tokyo is one of the best luxury hotels in the city. With sweeping views of Tokyo and a convenient location just behind the Yebisu Garden Place shopping plaza, this hotel is an excellent place to stay in Ebisu.

For me, one of the highlights of this hotel is its large gym and separate yoga and stretching room. It’s difficult to find a spacious fitness center in Tokyo, particularly at a hotel, so the one at The Westin Tokyo really stands out.

The hotel offers excellent dining options both at The Terrace restaurant on the ground floor near the lobby and on the 17th floor in the executive lounge. Food options include Japanese and international cuisines.


EBISUHOLIC HOTEL is a centrally located, mid-range hotel just a few minutes walk from Ebisu Station. This boutique hotel features small but stylish rooms with views over Ebisu.

Personally, the biggest selling point of this hotel is the location. Ebisu Station has many main train lines running through it and is just one stop away from Shibuya Station. Staying at EBISUHOLIC HOTEL feels like you are further removed from the business of central Tokyo when actually you can walk to hundreds of restaurants and easily visit the city’s main attractions.

Particularly considering the hotel is in the heart of Tokyo, EBISUHOLIC HOTEL is a reasonably priced option in Ebisu.

Prince Smart Inn Ebisu

A room with a single bed in Prince Smart Inn Ebisu

A single room and its view at Prince Smart Inn Ebisu

The conveniently located Prince Smart Inn Ebisu allows guests to easily access Shibuya and Tokyo’s other busiest areas, yet while staying in a more relaxed neighborhood. The hotel is simple, refined, and particularly for its location, is very reasonably priced.

A friend of mine stayed in this hotel when she visited Tokyo recently and she enjoyed being within walking distance of so many restaurants and bars. Ebisu is a very desirable residential neighborhood, so this hotel provides a great opportunity to experience Tokyo life a bit like a local.

Best Restaurants In Ebisu

Balloom 東京店

A vegan lunch set from Ballroom in Ebisu, Tokyo

The Tofu Dandan Plate

Balloom is a quaint vegan and gluten-free cafe that specializes in tofu-based dishes. The restaurant has a variety of savory set meals, sweet baked treats, and various coffees and smoothies.

The interior counter of Ballroom in Ebisu

The entry of Balloom

The cafe is styled vaguely like a European antique shop and is tucked just off of an alley a few blocks from Yebisu Garden Place.

If you’re looking for a light healthy meal or snack, I recommend checking out Balloom.


Rows of colorful donuts

RACINES DONUT & ICE CREAM EBISU is a small donut and ice cream counter (as the name suggests!) in the Yebisu Garden Place shopping plaza. The shop has a large assortment of different donut flavors and ice creams, along with some prepackaged salads and sandwiches.

Donuts are growing in popularity in Japan, but it’s challenging to find quality ones. RACINES DONUT & ICE CREAM EBISU offers a solid selection. Pay a visit on your next wander through Ebisu and while you’re browsing around the stores of Yebisu Garden Place.


The interior of BLUE NOTE PLACE, a restaurant and live music venue in Ebisu, Tokyo

BLUE NOTE PLACE often features live musical artists.

BLUE NOTE PLACE is a stylish restaurant in Yebisu Garden Place that often has live musical performances. Unlike many slightly upscale restaurants in Tokyo, BLUE NOTE PLACE is lively with the hum of great music and conversations.

The restaurant features mostly Western dishes like steak and refined hamburgers, but also carries a few Asian fusion cuisine options. This trendy Ebisu spot also boasts a fairly substantial beverage list.


Interior of uRn.chAi&TeA in Ebisu, Tokyo

The stylish interior has several tables

Disposable cups of chai tea from uRn.chAi&TeA in Ebisu, Tokyo

The original chai tea is my favorite flavor

uRn.chAi&TeA is a quaint cafe in Ebisu that specializes in chai. The cafe has a variety of different chai blends and offers food items featuring chai.

Chai is not very popular in Japan, so it’s unusual to find a specialty store with such a selection. uRn.chAi&TeA has a few tables if you’d like to dine in but also offers takeaway and pre-made products to bring home. I recommend trying their original chai blend for a fragrant cup of delicious tea.


The outside of L'IGNIS restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo

The warm glow of L’IGNIS

L’IGNIS makes my list as one of the most romantic restaurants in Tokyo. This elegant yet intimate steak restaurant is a popular date spot for neighborhood locals. It stays open until 1-2AM most nights, so is a great option for a late or long dinner.

Although the food is good, the real standout is the restaurant’s industrial chic design. The stylish ambiance feels like a warm retreat from the bustle of Tokyo.

Make a reservation in advance on weekends.

Itasoba Kaoriya Ebisu

Tempura and soba from Itasoba Kaoriya Ebisu in Tokyo

The vegetable and shrimp tempura and cold soba from Itasoba Kaoriya Ebisu

Itasoba Kaoriya Ebisu is my favorite soba restaurant in Ebisu. The restaurant serves soba in uniquely long trays and has a number of different tempura side options as accompaniments.

The entrance to Itasoba Kaoriya Ebisu is tucked in an alley off a main road, so it’s hard to spot unless you already know about it advance.

You can order soba either hot or cold, but I always prefer cold noodles. I particularly like this restaurant because their noodle are always served al dente and have a great bite to them.

Hakodate Ramen Shiokan

A bowl of ramen with an egg and pork from Hakodate Ramen Shiokan in Ebisu, Tokyo

A bowl of Hakodate shio ramen from Hakodate Ramen Shiokan

Hakodate Ramen Shiokan is a casual ramen restaurant in the western part of Ebisu. Order at the ticket machine near the entrance then sit at an available seat at the bar.

This ramen shop specializes in Hokkaido-style ramen in a tasty shio (salt) broth. They also offer some miso-based ramen broths as well if you prefer a nuttier flavor.

If you’re looking for a no-frills, quick ramen meal, try Hakodate Ramen Shiokan.

Rue Favart

A cone with soft-serve ice cream and dried orange slices from Rue Favart in Ebisu, Tokyo

Hojicha orange soft-serve ice cream

Rue Favart is a charming, three-story French bistro that serves casual French fare, desserts, and incredible soft-serve ice cream.

While the savory dishes are good, for me, the sweets are what really shine at Rue Favart. I recently ordered their hojicha orange (green tea and orange) soft-serve ice cream which was one of the most delicious flavor pairings I’ve ever tried.

This casual restaurant is on the corner across from the main entrance of Yebisu Garden Place and about a 5-10 minute walk southeast from Ebisu Station.

Udon Yamacho

Udon Yamacho in Ebisu, Tokyo

The tempura and udon dinner set from Udon Yamacho

Udon Yamacho is a popular udon restaurant in Ebisu that specializes in meal sets. Their udon is thick and cooked al dente, so it has a great bounce to it.

I particularly recommend trying their tempura. The shrimp and vegetables are thinly battered and fried to perfection.

Udon Yamacho’s ambiance is casual yet refined, so it’s an ideal restaurant for a low key lunch or dinner that you still want to feel memorable.

Best Bars In Ebisu

Bar Tram / Bar Trench / Bar Triad

Bar Trench

Drinks from Bar Triad in Ebisu, Tokyo

Bar Triad

Bar Tram, Bar Trench, and Bar Triad are sister bars in Ebisu with a distinct, New York cocktail bar feel. If you like elevated cocktails, these are definitely some of the best bars in Tokyo.

Bar Tram is the original location of the trio and is the most popular. The bar specializes in absinthe and herbal liquors that it uses to make unique cocktail concoctions.

Bar Trench is a street-level cocktail bar that is the smallest of the three. It doesn’t take reservations and is best for small groups of less than three people.

Bar Triad is the most casual option and has space for large groups. If you like to smoke, the bar has a decent size outdoor balcony in the back.

All three bars are some of the most desirable cocktail bars in the neighborhood, so arrive early or book a reservation if you can. Bar Tram, Bar Trench, and Bar Triad are within a few minutes walk of each other so you can always visit a different bar if the first one you try is full.

Drunkard Ebisu

Drunkard Ebisu is a cozy neighborhood bar in the east part of Ebisu with intimate tables inside and some sidewalk seating in the warmer months.

This relatively affordable bar serves most of the typical alcoholic drinks you’d expect along with a selection of meats and tapas. The bartenders are generally friendly and the bar has a great neighborhood vibe.

I recommend making a reservation on most nights since it is quite popular with locals.


CRAFT BEER BAR IBREW EBISU is an impressive craft beer bar with beers on tap from Japan and other countries, often including the USA and England. If you are looking to try a variety of Japanese and foreign beers in one place, this bar is an excellent choice.

This casual beer bar also has a delicious food menu featuring typical brewery fare like charcuterie, fries, and various cuts of meat.


Bar BASHI is a cramped, low key bar popular with expats and locals alike. This inexpensive neighborhood bar has a selection of small plates, beers, and basic drinks.

Since the venue is quite small, I recommend this bar for groups of four or less. It’s a great spot to grab a casual pint and catch up with friends. When I went, the bartender spoke both English and Japanese.

Best Shopping In Ebisu


The interior of TODAY'S SPECIAL in Yebisu Garden Place

The interior of TODAY’S SPECIAL in Yebisu Garden Place

TODAY’S SPECIAL is an incredible home decor store with a few locations in Tokyo, including one in Yebisu Garden Place shopping plaza. This spacious shop has a stylish selection of anything and everything you could possibly want to spruce up your home.

The front section of TODAY’S SPECIAL in Ebisu carries indoor plants, hair and skin care products, stationary, and throw blankets. The back half of the store is dedicated to kitchenware and holds an incredible collection of ceramics, food items, and decorative pieces.

TODAY’S SPECIAL carries local Japanese brands as well as international brands.

PLAZA atré Ebisu

PLAZA atré Ebisu is an indoor shopping bazaar connected to Ebisu Station that sells a variety of different products and brands. The shopping center has a number of clothing and cosmetics boutiques that carry predominantly domestic Japanese brands that aren’t often carried outside of Japan.

If you’re unsure what you’re looking for and prefer to putter around a variety of shops, PLAZA atré Ebisu is a great option.

Best Activities In Ebisu

Shop or relax at Yebisu Garden Place

The exterior of Yebisu Garden Place on an empty and sunny day

The central plaza of Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place is a trendy and modern shopping plaza in the south part of Shibuya. The shopping center is a popular backdrop for Japanese dramas due to its chic and simple aesthetic.

Visit Yebisu Garden Place to try one of its many stylish coffee shops, restaurants, beer halls, or boutiques.

In the winter, the shopping plaza lights up with stunning Christmas illuminations and is particularly beautiful.

Buy or make kintsugi at Tsugu Tsugu – 金継ぎつぐつぐ

Tsugu Tsugu in Ebisu

The display shelves of 金継ぎつぐつぐ

Tsugu Tsugu is a small boutique and workshop in Ebisu for kintsugi, the traditional Japanese art of pottery repair. With kintsugi, broken ceramics are repaired using natural lacquer and either powdered gold or silver.

Tsugu Tsugu sells completed pieces and also offers classes where you can learn the art of kintsugi yourself. If you have several weeks, I recommend booking a pack of classes so that you can learn the in-depth and proper techniques to repair ceramics. You can either bring a piece that is broken or choose from one of the store’s pieces to repair.

If you’re interested in doing kintsugi at home, check out my guide to the best tools and kits.

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