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Best Bars In Tokyo: Where To Go For A Great Night Out

Tokyo has some of the best bars in the world, if you know where to go. Whether you love casual breweries, fancy cocktail lounges, or vibrant clubs, you’ll find the bar for you in Tokyo.

The best bars in Tokyo are spread out all over the city, but generally, Shibuya and Roppongi are the two neighborhoods best known for high-energy nightlife. However, residential neighborhoods like Ebisu and Daikanyama on the whole have better cocktail bars and lounges. For top breweries and pubs, venture further out to more bohemian neighborhoods like Shimokitazawa.

If you’d like to see my full list of restaurant and bar recommendations in Tokyo, check out my public Google Maps.

In this guide, I’ll share my recommendations for the best bars in Tokyo.

What is the legal drinking age in Japan?

The legal adult age in Japan is 20 years old. Minors under the age of 20 are legally prohibited from drinking alcohol or smoking.

Some of the bars below on this list, particularly the clubs, will ask for a valid form of ID upon entrance (all of the places below may ask for a valid ID at any time).

What are the best bars in Tokyo?

Breweries / Pubs

Coaster Craft Beer & Burgers

Neighborhood(s): Shimokitazawa

Price: ¥

Coaster Craft Beer & Burgers is a casual brewery with a rotating selection of beers from around the world. The space is unusually large for Tokyo and feels very much like a hip brewery in the Pacific Northwest of the USA or in Australia. As the name suggests, this brewery also serves great burgers and some other food options (their fried broccoli is my favorite).

For a casual daytime or evening hangout, Coaster Craft Beer & Burgers is a great choice, particularly for groups.

Spring Valley Brewery Tokyo

Neighborhood(s): Daikanyama

Price: ¥

Spring Valley Brewery Tokyo is a trendy brewery with a large outdoor patio space (very unusual for the heart of Tokyo!). Especially for a brewery, this spot looks a bit upscale and is a fun choice for both casual and more formal hangouts. Spring Valley Brewery Tokyo is a popular date spot, so expect to see many couples if you go on the weekend or in the evenings.

As a fun twist, robots deliver the food and drinks on trays.

Tokyo Beer Hall & Terrace 14

Neighborhood(s): Otemachi

Price: ¥

Tokyo Beer Hall & Terrace 14 is a large beer hall on the east side of Tokyo that also features an outdoor terrace. The bar has a pretty extensive food menu so it’s a great place for lunch or dinner as well.

I particularly like Tokyo Beer Hall & Terrace 14 for casual hangouts with large groups. It’s very close to the Imperial Palace, so you could go on a walk or run with friends around the palace before grabbing some beers together.

Cocktail Bars

Bar Tram / Bar Trench / Bar Triad

A cocktail from Bar Trench in Ebisu, Tokyo

Bar Trench

Drinks from Bar Triad in Ebisu, Tokyo

Bar Triad

Neighborhood(s): Ebisu

Price: ¥¥

Bar Tram, Bar Trench, and Bar Triad are sister bars in Ebisu all with a distinct, New York-style cocktail bar feel. If you like cocktails, these are definitely some of the best bars in Tokyo.

Bar Tram

Bar Tram is the original location of this trio and it specializes in absinthe and various herb liquors with a a broad selection of unique cocktails to choose from. The bar is relatively small but very popular, particularly on weekends, so arrive early in the evening, make a reservation, or expect to wait in line.

Bar Trench

Bar Trench is a tiny, dimly lit, street-level cocktail bar with broad windows onto the alley. Bar Trench doesn’t take reservations and gets full very quickly, so get there early if you prefer not to wait in line. This bar is better for small groups of fewer than 3 people. For larger groups, you can book a table at Bar Trench ANNEX, a larger bar on the fifth floor of the building that Bar Triad is in. Bar Trench and Bar Trench ANNEX feature the same menu.

Bar Triad

Bar Triad is the largest and most casual of the three bars and is the one best suited for larger groups. The bar has a spacious balcony area outside that you can smoke on. Although this bar is also quite popular, it’s generally slightly less crowded than Bar Tram or Bar Trench since it has a bigger space. Therefore, if you don’t have a reservation, Bar Triad is the best bet of the three for an open table.


BLUE NOTE PLACE sometimes has live music performances.

Neighborhood(s): Ebisu

Price: ¥¥

BLUE NOTE PLACE opened in late 2022 and is one of the newest additions to the stylish Yebisu Garden Place shopping plaza. The restaurant and bar has an extensive food and drinks menu that you can enjoy in a spacious main room. As you might gather from the name, BLUE NOTE PLACE is centered around the ambiance created by music. Live music is available some nights of the week and really builds a warm and intimate feeling.

Unlike many more upscale bars and restaurants in Tokyo, BLUE NOTE PLACE keeps a relaxed atmosphere and because it’s quite loud, you can talk freely (some Tokyo bars feel quite formal and like you have to keep your conversation volume down). I particularly recommend BLUE NOTE PLACE as a romantic and fun date night spot.


Glass and bottle of sake in a dark room with a red peony lit in the background

SAKEBARO is an elegant members-only bar.

Neighborhood(s): Nakameguro and Omotesando

Price: ¥¥¥

SAKEBARO is a members-only sake bar (you can also book dinner reservations here) that serves exceptional sake “under the moonlight” in an extremely dark room lit by what appears to be as minimal lighting as possible. The Nakameguro location is in the attic of a yakitori restaurant and can be accessed from a discrete door that leads to a maintenance stairwell before taking you to the actual bar. The bar has very few, if any, other guests and is reservation-only. Soft classical music plays while the bartender quietly serves you sake in the near pitch black. Sound interesting yet? To top it off, the membership fee is paid with ETH.

If you’re looking for a highly memorable and unusual bar with a “wow” factor, SAKEBARO is the place.

Drunkard Ebisu

The bar Drunkard Ebisu from across the street

The exterior of Drunkard Ebisu

Neighborhood(s): Ebisu

Price: ¥

Drunkard Ebisu is a stylish neighborhood bar with a good selection of tapas and drinks. The crowd tends to skew more toward females or couples so it’s is a great girls’ night out or date spot. I suggest reserving a table ahead of time if you visit on a Friday or Saturday night.

The drinks and food items are well-priced, especially for the quantity and quality. In the warmer months, Drunkard Ebisu also has a few tables outside for sidewalk seating.


A matcha latte with a flower design from epulor in Nakameguro, Tokyo

A nonalcoholic beverage (matcha latte) from epulor

Neighborhood(s): Nakameguro

Price: ¥¥

epulor is a cool cafe and bar with a relaxed atmosphere. It has one large table that can sit a few small parties and a bar seating area as well. Background music plays from a record player and further adds to the moody vibe. epulor is pretty small, so be prepared to wait in line if you go on a weekend.

If you’re looking for a low-key, under-the-radar bar, I recommend epulor as a place to check out.

The SG Club

Neighborhood(s): Shibuya

Price: ¥¥

The SG Club is a cozy, old-world styled cocktail bar in the upscale Jinnan district of Shibuya. The bar is separated into three floors: Sip, Guzzle, and Savor. The basement “Sip” portion is a dark and intimate floor “hinting at an old New York gang club with samurai inspirations”. The main floor is “Guzzle”, the lively and more casual section of the bar. “Savor” is the second-floor members-only cigar and cocktail lounge inspired by a fusion of Cuban and Japanese culture.

The SG Club was voted the best bar in Japan and the best bar in the world several times over the past few years, so don’t be surprised to wait in a short line to get in!


Neighborhood(s): Shibuya

Price: ¥¥

swrl. is a restaurant and bar that specializes in a unique fusion of wine cocktails. Next door to and owned by the same creator of The SG Club, swrl. is a swanky spot that feels like it was plucked from New York.

The wine cocktails are unlike any drinks you’ve probably ever had before and blend unusual flavor pairings together. swrl. is typically a bit less crowded than The SG Club, so is a better option for last minute seating.

Clubs / Lively Bars

Tip: What do people wear to clubs in Tokyo? Most clubs in Tokyo do not have a strict dress code, so you will see people in all sorts of different attire. In general, Japanese fashion tends to err on the dressy and conservative side, so you can’t go wrong by leaning toward overdressing rather than underdressing. For men, many will wear a pair of jeans or pants with a polo or dress shirt. For women, anything from a blouse and pants to a fitted dress and heels is common to see at a club. For safety reasons, some clubs say on their website that they will turn away people wearing beach flip-flops because of potential injuries if you are stepped on.


Neighborhood(s): Shibuya

Price: ¥¥

WOMB is one of the best clubs in Tokyo for live DJ performances. Check WOMB’s calendar to see which performers are coming each Friday and Saturday night (and some Thursday and Sunday nights).

Entrance fee prices vary each night depending on the performer (it’s typically a bit cheaper to buy tickets in advance through their website).


Neighborhood(s): Shibuya

Price: ¥¥

CÉ LA VI TOKYO is a popular club lounge in the heart of Shibuya. Located on the 17th and 18th floor of the Tokyu Plaza Shibuya building, CÉ LA VI TOKYO offers fantastic views of the Tokyo skyline.

The 17th floor has an indoor area with a DJ that typically plays more EDM-style music. The 18th floor is a large open air space that, while still lively, is more geared toward talking and relaxing.

At night, CÉ LA VI TOKYO usually charges a cover fee of around ¥2,000 that includes a free drink ticket.

You can also eat in the afternoon or evening at CÉ LA VI TOKYO’s restaurant.


Neighborhood(s): Roppongi

Price: ¥

Mogambo is a lively bar in Roppongi that plays pop and hip-hop music. Popular with expats, you’ll hear lots of English spoken in this bar.

Mogambo is a great spot for groups since it’s a moderately sized bar that has space for both dancing and sitting while talking. The menu features a broad selection of your typical bar drinks alongside many different shot options.

Happy Hour is from 6PM-9PM, so arrive early if you’d like to take full advantage.

R2 SUPPER CLUB / R3 Club Lounge

Neighborhood(s): Roppongi

Price: ¥

R2 SUPPER CLUB and R3 Club Lounge are neighboring sister clubs at the center of Roppongi’s nightlife.

R2 SUPPER CLUB is the more casual of the two with no entrance fee, inexpensive drinks, and a large space for talking and dancing. Personally, I prefer R2 SUPPER CLUB over R3 Club Lounge because of its more relaxed atmosphere.

R3 Club Lounge features DJs and sometimes has an entrance fee. This venue is more of a stereotypical “club” and is better for live music performances.


Neighborhood(s): Roppongi

Price: ¥¥

BAIA is a new club in Shibuya that was designed by a New York architect and has a premium, futuristic look. The venue has several floors and is a popular locale for birthday and special occasion celebrations.

The club has an excellent sound system, so if you prioritize dancing and music sound quality, you will probably like BAIA. My friends in Tokyo have pretty polarizing views about BAIA: people seem to either love it or hate it (I’m in the latter camp because I like being able to talk in bars and prefer more mainstream music).


Neighborhood(s): Azabujuban

Price: ¥¥¥

1 OAK Tokyo is one of the largest clubs in Tokyo and of the ones on this list, tends to have visitors with dressier attire. 1 OAK has several locations around the world, with the flagship location in New York City.

The club often has live DJ performances and is a popular venue for birthday or other group celebrations.

The entrance fee for men is ¥4,000 (¥5,000 on special nights) and a VIP table with a bottle can cost upward of ¥200,000.

Expect long lines to enter the club if there is a special guest performer.

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